Jul 21, 2010

Where, oh Where?

One of the few things I miss about the recent D&D groups I've been in or pulled together versus the first ones I started with, is the lack of female players. When I first started playing, I was lucky enough to be in groups that had such a great range of players, from experienced and new players, young and old, and male and female players.

And while some of the female players were the typical "another player's girlfriend", just as many were players in their own right who left their boyfriends/husbands at home once a week to roll dice with the rest of us. Regardless of their motivation, I always found the female players brought a different perspective to the table, just like new players brought a unique outlook with them as well.

Now that I'm pulling together my own group, I'm looking for players from a couple of online sites (EN World, Pen & Paper Games, and a few lesser known places on the Internet), but I haven't heard from any female players...

So where do I find female players? And how best should I approach them?