Sep 22, 2016

Blogging and Painting

It's been quite awhile since I posted here, and almost as long since I've done any miniature painting. Let's try to change that starting today!

During an email exchange with some of the players in my current campaign, one of the more experienced mini painters gave out some handy painting guidelines, tips, and tricks.

But I just had to add my own commentary to the discussion...
  • Use an Xacto knife to clean up any flashing.  
    • [Use Xacto. Cut yourself and scream.]
  • Wash the miniature with soap and water; rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely. 
    • [Wash your cut in soapy water and reuse it to clean the mini.]
  • I use a pair of small vise grips to hold the tab at the bottom to avoid touching the miniature while painting it.
  • Paint the whole thing black; I spray the black base coat. Make sure you didn't miss any, touch up as required.
  • Pick 3 major colors; more than 4 looks busy.
    • [Pick three colors, then realize they dried out since the last time you used them. Pick whatever is still liquid.]
  • Start painting from the inside out (ie paint the under shirt, then the shirt, then pants, then vest, then coat and boots, and finally the cloak).
    • [Paint the inside out. When you mess up the outer layer, repainted the inside layer.]
    • [Repeat this two more times before getting angry and throwing the mini across the room.]
    • [Clean up the broken mirror before your wife sees it. Prepare to blame one of the kids and/or pets.]
  • Consider going with a slightly lighter shade than you want the finished color to be. Apply a thin coat of brown wash or ink after finishing the main painting. This will add depth and a 'dirty' look.
  • Admire your work.
    • [Admit defeat and show up to the next session with a d6 for your character.]
  • Also consider watching some YouTube videos. Dry brushing highlights is the next step in spending too much time painting. Wet blending is another advanced technique I would skip when starting out.
... At least that's been my experience most of the time.