Feb 29, 2008

GS: A Dungeon and a Dragon (Part 3)

When last we left, our intrepid heroes had just confronted a blue dragon in it's lair.

The party consisted of:
* Hunter - a half elf ranger, deadly with his bow
* Arterion - a Silvenesti mage, possessor of arcane powers
* Greybear - a human, member of the ancient order of druids
* and Theodonis - a kender (and isn't that all you really need to know when it's a kender)

This lucky (or some might say unlike) band of heroes found itself face-to-snout with a mythical (yet all too real) dragon...

And while the dragon may have been small, even a wyrmling can be a formidable opponent. The creature unleashed a ray of lightning from the bowels of it's stomach. Theo was the only one in the direct line of attack, and he was nimble enough to avoid it's painful effects. The party poured into the room trying to surround the dragon, but before they had a chance, the small creature took flight down a hallway, around a narrow corner, and out of sight. Theo gave chase and set off a pit trap that left him the rest of the party cut off from him... and he all alone with the blue monster. After trading a few more attacks, both the kender and the dragon were hurt and bleeding. Theo was able to drink one of his magical healing potions, but the elixir didn't restore him to full health. His attempt to jump the spiked pit wasn't as successful as he'd hoped, but the restorative power of his potion provided enough health to keep him alive. The other party members were able to pull him out before the dragon made any further attack on the party. After a moment's rest, they withdrew from the lair.

The party was about to try and leave this area, when they noticed the dragon lurking on the ledge that overlooked the central room in this cave system. There was no other way out and it looked like they would have to run a gauntlet for freedom.

Instead, they pulled back to the mysterious chamber where Greybear had found one the lost druidic scrolls. Perhaps this place would offer ancient protection against the wyrmling...

DM Note: The party got very lucky... the blue dragon had no aversion to going in to the room and with his breath weapon, wouldn't actually have needed to. Fortunately for them, the blue dragon spent more of his time nursing his wounds that hunting for enemies.

The night passed without incident and the party was able to regain some of it's strength in preparation for a confrontation with the dragon, if necessary.

The group made their way quietly through the cave; down a corridor, around a turn. As they neared the area closest to the dragon's private lair, the beast launch it's attack, lashing out with sharpened claws and a powerful bite. As most of the party members attacked it head on, Hunter used the distraction to go down a corridor and make his way into the lair from behind. A few moments later and the wyrmling found itself trapped in the corridor; being attacked on both sides. Realizing that it's life was in danger, the blue dragon trying flying over the party and out to possible freedom. Sadly, it had been too badly damaged and the stress of trying to fly was too great... it collapsed dead just a few feet away from where it had been.

The party was able to search the lair and find many treasures, most interesting among them, what looked to be a large mummified claw. It radiated strong magic, of a very dark aura. Arterion tried to recall any knowledge he had of such an item, but found nothing.

The party gathered what they could carry and left...

The road home was a short and uneventful trip. Before reaching the city of Flotsam, Greybear left to return to his druidic circle in the area and promised to meet up with the party in a fortnight. Everyone else continued on.

Since the city guard recognized them (due to the events after Swagfest), they had a hard time getting in. Arterion was able to find a guard willing to take a small bribe to "look the other way" while Hunter and Theo were able to enter the city with crude disguises and blending in with a larger crowd.

Theo's disguise worked so well, one of the guards asked, "Hey little girl, are you lost?"

Feb 26, 2008

Gaming Humor: Hail to The Geek - Deaf Pedestrians

Not completely related to gaming, but listen closely to the second verse...

UPDATE: Newsarama recently did an interview with Charlton Parker of The Deaf Pedestrians. Since Newsarama is primarily concerned with comics, there was no info on his D&D experience.

Feb 25, 2008

GS: In the Lair of the Undead (Part 2)

After the last session, the party chose to rest in one of the empty caves in the complex they were in. Fortunately for them, they didn't attract any attention and made it though the "night" without any incident.

Moving further into the dungeon, the PCs went through a shut door and encountered a swarm of rats, including a couple of much larger dire rats, all feeding on the debris in this enclosed area; bugs, worms, and even each other. When the PCs arrived, the swarm immediate attacked. The party was able to defeat the dire rats as well as disperse the rat swarm that was all around them, though Hunter was bitten by the vermin. This path proved to be a bit of a dead end, down the hall they had just entered, the cave had collapsed. It would be possible to excavate the area, but only with proper tools and time!

Backtracking, the party went down a path they had previously ignored. This new route lead to a huge open cavern. The area was about 50 feet square, with corrosive greenish colored ooze breaking apart part of the floor. At the far side of the cavern, back wall revealed a ledge about ten feet from the ground. This ledge also had and exit that lead further back into the cave system. In addition to that exit, there was a huge 10-12 foot wide exit to the east and another exit at ground level at the far side of the cavern.

Peeking inside the cavern, the party could see glimpses of something hiding in the shadows and behind a large outcrop of stone. The one thing that could not be hidden, even in this massive room, was a skeletal owlbear in the far corner. This undead creature did not seem to notice the party and continued it's repetitive activity--sharpening it's claws against a nearby stone wall.

The party entered the room, moving toward the hidden person, they got a better look and found that what was hiding in the shadows was an undead kolbold; bits of rotting flesh still clinging to it's body in most places. What the party wasn't able to see was that there were two other zombie kobolds hidden deeper in the cavern.

As they entered, the combined undead forces in this room started moving in to attack!

At first the undead owlbear had a hard time moving around the corrosive floor. The kobolds attacked with crude weapons while the owlbear skeleton used it's powerful claws. The fight lasted more than a few rounds with both sides trading blows, but eventually one one of the kobold zombies collapsed in final death. Shortly thereafter another zombie fell. In the end everyone ganged up on the remaining two undead and dispatched both of them to their final rest.

Afteward the party went down the floor-level exit at the far side of the cavern. Walking through some of the paths, they found one path (not detailed on the map they carried) that lead deeper and farther into the earth. The party decided to save that path for another day and headed back to try a different route.

Their next path lead them down a hallway. There was a crude door to one one of the rooms along this path. Looking inside they were horrified to see piles of dead bodied in the room; kobolds, hobgoblins, bugbears were all littered about with no regard. In one of their weaker moments Theo and Arti tries searching for any useful items on, or in, their person. They found nothing and the stench was enough to cause Arterion to get ill.

Further down the hall, the part approached a mid sized room. Before even entering, Greybear had a peculiar feeling about the space, but it was a feeling not shared by any of the party. Everyone looked around, but it seemed like only the druid could see ancient writings on one of the walls. It directed him to place his hand on the stone. Doing so opened a magical compartment, containing an ancient scroll. After taking a moment to look over the item, it appeared to be one of the 33 ancient scrolls containing the earliest history of the druidic faith. This would be a great boon to Greybear's circle, if only he can make it back alive...

The party left this tranquil room and headed toward the last unexplored area on their map fragment. This unknowing lead the party straight into the lair of a blue dragon!

Feb 20, 2008

Recommendation: The Guild

I'm not a big video game player. Guitar Hero is about my speed, and too much of the appeal of that game for me is the plastic guitar-like controller... I dread the day Patty comes home to find me wearing the controller and serenading the cat with my extensive knowledge of Rick Springfield songs...

"Don’t you think your friends are talking Alyson?
They’re blaming it all on me
I’m blaming it all on love"
from Alyson
but I digress...

I've also never play online games, like WoW or Evercrack, but I recently stumbled across a this youtube channel called The Guild. It's supposedly about a group of eccentric online players and their adventures in the real world, from trying to meet IRL, to one player obsessed with another... it's all dark and dry humor... check it out.

The only bad thing is the eps are not created with any frequency, and I have no idea what their schedule is for new shows.