Jan 21, 2008

DM Utilities - part 3

I'm a big fan of using miniatures at the game table, and since I'm not a very fast or good painter, nor do I have a lot of time to paint, the pre-painted minis from WotC are great, but I do have one problem.

In large battles, especially with a bunch of the same creatures running around and attacking (and more to the point, being attacked), I lose track of what mini represents what stat block I'm following on paper. Then came Avery labels or more precisely, these Avery labels:


at 1/4", they are the perfect size. I can usually find some spot on the mini to a fix the label (in a pinch, I could always use the bottom, I suppose), and with the different colors, it's easy to keep the writing on the mini to a minimum.

What I've done is pre-write on the labels 0-9, so when I need to label a bunch of goblins for a big battle, I just peel off a couple of numbers and I'm ready to go. And the different colors in the package allow me to switch colors if I should need more than 10 goblins. That way Red1 is different from Green1, which are both different from Green9.

I was able to find the labels at my local Staples, and I'm sure there are a few other places that carry them as well.

Good Gaming!