Oct 17, 2019

Character Sheet for New Players / Kid Players

This sheet is great for a simple game where you've already decided to drop skills and feats out of the game (certainly doable in 5e). There is a small corner with a few helpful hints, but the white text on light purple background might be hard to read when printed.

I was recently asked by a friend if I knew of any versions of the Character Sheet for D&D 5e geared toward kids. Seems he's teaching his children the game, and I applaud him for creating the next generation of D&D gamers.

I've also been thinking of starting to teach my son, and maybe a few other kids the game, so I began looking around for alternate versions of the classic 5e Character Sheet that could be used with new players or kid players.

I found a few that all seem to have some merit, so let me present my findings and you can decide for yourself.

Some small, simplified sheets (not just for kids):
The first is this nice simple sheet.

The sheet has some color coding. It's a great sheet if you already know you're dropping Skills and Feats from 5e (which can be a great way to start to teach new players).

There is a small reference section at the bottom left of the page, but the white text on light purple background might be hard/impossible to read.

The second sheet seems to be designed with younger players in mind. It's also a half sheet page, but with a bit more color and enough iconography to help players.

The third sheet on my list, isn't color coded, but includes some helpful phrases to focus newer players on what each area is for (e.g. "I want to try and do..."). Still needs some extra space for spells (all the sheets covered have that issue).

The forth sheet is available from the DMs Guild. It comes in both a B/W and color version. The thing I like most is the definitions of the various Skills. If you plan to use Skills in a game with new players, it's great for them to be able to read "INSIGHT - I know how people feel and can tell when they're lying" so they know what they're trying to do.

The creator of this sheet also has a bunch of other sheets (some free, some with minimal cost) and a short kid friendly adventure called "An Ogre and His Cake"

The last sheet on my list is located here:


and represents a color coded version of the character sheet. One thing I like is that the Skills are color coded to their relevant Ability score, along with a few other areas of the sheet.

Hope this helps you bring new players into the game. If you use any of these sheets, please post feedback on which sheet(s) worked for you.