Jun 8, 2008

Did You Know? Kender

Kender were created for the Dragonlance setting as a replacement for halfings. Tracy Hickman didn't like the idea of a race of thieves (as halfings were thought of at the time) and wanted something different. Harold Johnson, another designer on the Dragonlance project, suggested the idea of them being driven by curiousity instead of greed.

In the 2nd edition source book, Halflings and Gnomes, kender are referenced as an example of convergent evolution, as they arose to "fill the gap" of halfings on this one world.

In addition to Kender, there are also Kendar in the subterranean realm of Chorane near the south pole, Marak Kender on the content of Taladas, and even half-kender. In the Demiplane of Dread known as Ravenloft, there are also kender vampires (which had abilities that were different from the "standard" vampire of 2nd edition).