Jul 18, 2008

Dragonlance Comics (Issue 7) - Raistlin's Pawn

City of Death

issue 7 coverThis issue opens with a beautiful splash page of Takhisis talking with Raistlin. She mentions that she would know at once if he was plotting to betray her. As he reaffirms his loyality to the goddess, we see Kalathan in the middle of another one of his "posessions" and fighting with the gnome and Myrella until he regains his senses.

The three are just outside of Neraka and can see the twisted temple and two flying citadels in the center of town. As they make their way closer, the run across and fight a patrol of baaz draconians. Myrella realizes that Kalathan is being drawn to this city and uses a detect magic spell to reveal that the dark elf is under some enchantment.

Using a tunnel to sneak into the city, the party fights a purple worm before exiting just outside the temple. As they sneak inside, they come to the main audience chamber and see Raistlin. In the center of the huge room, a half-elf and another warrior fighting over a crown.

Just then, the trumpet of a horn triggers something in Kalathan, and the dark elf runs off in search of the mage. In the hallways of the temple, Raistlin and the elf meet. This second meeting causes the mage to remember what he had previously done.

Raistlin casts a spell and removes whatever he previously hid inside the elven vessel. The issue ends with the black robe looking villaniously happy.

Afterward we get a half page of game stats with info on Kalathan and Myrella.


I liked this issue a bit more than the previous one. Once again there was some great artwork here. I had already figured out what was going on, but the opening of this issue explains the whys of Raistlin's plan. I did like the fight with the purple worm, since it was something I hadn't seen or read before. Also, the scene of the "half-elf and another warrior fighting over a crown" is actually Tanis and Ariakas, and comes from Dragons of Spring Dawning.

On the down side, I didn't care for the draconian fight, as I've seen it already taht before. I also didn't think that the fight scenes did anything to advance plot or character, and just seemed to fill up pages in the issue. Also, the art for Raistlin's hidden thoughts inside Kalathan (as scene here and in the first issue of this arc) could have been more interesting... at one point, it looks like Raist pulled a large bingo chip out of Kal's head.

Lastly, since this arc fills in a gap during the Dragons of Spring Dawning, I have the problem of knowing how this story (in general) has to end. Since I had read the book, I know what Raist will do and what the outcome will be, so the story is a little less compelling. I'll be happy after next issue when this arc wraps up...