Jun 10, 2009

When Dungeon Tiles Leave the Dungeon

First off, I'm a big fan of anything that really helps portray a scene to the players... from minis and maps, to props and pictures, I try to do whatever I can to showcase an adventure. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of the Dungeon Tile sets (I used the Lost Caverns of the Underdark set to create the mines at Brightstone Keep).

On one hand they help show what an area actually looks like and on the other they can help track what's going on during a battle (when used with some kind of minis, such as those from the Dangerous Delves set).

I just read about some new tiles that are a little more above ground than the typical sets (though these new set are not the first to go topside).

The first is a special set that's not for sale. It is only for DMs as part of the RPGA DM Rewards program. This year the set is a sheet of tiles that can be used to create a ship, with one side being the top and the flip side being below decks. I know I'll be checking eBay to see what these are going for...

The other is the latest full set of tiles. This new set, DU4 Arcane Towers, is just what you think it is, various tiles, including rounded ones, to help build everything from a wizard's lab to a library, to a solders' outpost. The sample images on the WotC site are tempting... I could see myself wanting to pick up a couple copies of this set since in case I end up needing a lot of a certain tile, and since WotC doesn't seem to reprint any of the sets when they go out of stock (good luck trying to find a copy of the original set--called just "Dungeon Tiles").

So do you use Dungeon Tiles in your games, do you have a favorite set, or something you want to see in an upcoming set? Leave a comment...