Oct 2, 2009

D&D Podcast

I know I'm late to the game, but I've recently been listening to the D&D Podcast episodes that are recordings of a game Chris Perkins ran for a couple of well known people.

I resisted downloading these episodes as I once tried listening to a podcast of another group's game session. The podcast (that should not be named) was difficult to listen to as there were 8 players, all talking over each other, the sound quality was subpar with plenty of background noise and different volume levels, resulting in a well-intentioned, but unlistenable experience.

I'm glad to say, the D&D podcast is completely the opposite. With only a few players, great audio, and very distinctive voices from Chris and Wil Wheaton (one of the players), this is great to listen to and easy to know who is talking.

If you haven't heard it yet, check on the wizards website. There's two previous games currently available, and they are in the middle of posting parts of the third game session now.

P.S. The regularly scheduled D&D/DC comic review is postponed one week. Unfortunately this was a busy week IRL, but I'll be back next week.