Oct 16, 2009

DM Tools: Mazes

I just read an article, mostly geared to parents, about a site that had free mazes that could be downloaded and printed out for children. Since I'm always on the lookout for inspiration, I decided to check these out.

There are a much of different difficulty levels, with each level having a couple of different mazes (all in one PDF file). Depending on how tough you want to be on your players, you could choose from a "Child's Play" or a "Backbreaking maze to adapt for your players. And with a little planning you could modify the maze to include a few encounter areas, or even portals for quick exit, or portals to other mazes... if you really want to drive the players crazy!



Alex Schroeder said...

I'm afraid of trying a maze and its mapping on my players…

Eddie G said...

yeah, a map by itself can get really boring, really fast, but I think there are some interesting things you can do within the maze:

* Unusual terrain, like slippery slope, or quicksand

* Unusual encounters like party chasing X or being chased by X

* Allow players to use the maze for combat tactics or to avoid pursuers

... and as I mentioned, a teleport or some other quick exit can be dropped in if it looks like the players aren't really having fun.