Jan 13, 2010

How Do You Like Your D&D? Basic Or Advanced

I've been seeing a couple of different blogs, posts, etc about people's game space, from professional tables, like The Sultan, to decorated rooms, like this functional game room, or this decorated game room, to incorporating the latest hi-tech, like this finished tabletop projector, or this beta tabletop projector project.

My question to you is: Are a lot of people using these elaborate setups? Is everyone now armed at the game table with a PC, open to your favorite e-character sheet, or Power Attack calculator and a steady stream of Twitter comments and photos?

As a DM, I did go through the phase when I had a laptop at the table to track HPs and init, and auto roll for the monsters, but the software was way crappy back then, and my typing skills sucked so it took me a long time to enter info into the various screens.

Most of all, I grew out of the computer phase because I simply missed the feeling I had when I first started playing. The sound of real dice rolling, scribbling on my page when I took damage (which seemed to happen a lot in the games I played back then), and rubbing holes into said same character sheet when the goodly cleric would crack open a couple of those precious Cure Light Wounds spells.

Nowadays, I use computers, the Internet, Photoshop, and whatever else I can get my laptop to point to when I prep for a game, but when the actual session starts, it's dice, notebooks, and pencils, along with minis, battle maps and the occasional piece of LEGO scenery (so I'm not completely old school).

Anyway, how do you like your D&D, basic (low-tech) or advanced (hi-tech)?