Feb 1, 2010

A Year's Worth of D&D

Big thanks to WolfStar76, who attended the 2010 Products Seminar at D&D Experience and jotted down some notes on what's coming out this year.

2010 Product Seminar Notes

Some things have already been released, like Dragonborn and Underdark, but there's plenty of new items on the horizon, including all of the previously announced hints at GenCon 2009.

Since I'm still running a 3.5 game, my biggest interest is in the tile sets, particularly Harrowing Halls, the first 3D set, as well as the Dark Sun tile set (we can all use more dessert sets!), but I'm also interested in the Hammerfast location/adventure book and The Slaying Stone, a new 1st lv adventure. Maybe I'll be running some 4e before year's end...

What new products are you looking forward to? Is there anything that's more interesting now that you might not have been so interested in before? Leave a comment and let me hear from you.