Sep 22, 2011

Comics Update

Not since the heyday of the DC Comics/TSR agreement back in the 80s, has there been so much new Dungeons and Dragons comic material, plenty of which you might want to consider taking a look at.

First, IDW has a license to do trade reprints of those old DC/TSR comics. Currently available are volume one of the Dungeons and Dragons comic and the Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms comic, which are both actually set in the FR setting.

Here's a little back story to clear things up. The Dungeons and Dragons comic was originally release as the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons comics (since it was during the days of 1e/2e). This book was set in the city of Waterdeep and followed a diverse group of characters including the paladin Priam Agrivar

The Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms comic was started about a year after the first comic, with Priam leaving the Waterdeep group and meeting up with a new group. The first 2 volumes of the Dungeons and Dragons comic will feature Priam before leaving and joining the FR comic, so it may be a little confusing depending on what order you read the books.

The ideal reading order would be:
* Dungeons and Dragons Vol 1
* Dungeons and Dragons Vol 2 (not yet released)
* Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms Vol 1 (already available)
* Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms Vol 2 (not yet released)

Hopefully IDW will continue to release trade versions of both books for the remainder of their runs. The Dungeons and Dragons book only ran for 36 issues, and the Forgotten Realms book ran for 25 issues (not including various Annual specials).

In addition to the reprints of the 80s comics, there are a number of other more recent series coming to a trade paperback near you, including:

* Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Sun - Ianto's Tomb
* Dungeons and Dragons Volume 1: Shadowplague Hardcover - this is the new ongoing comic that started about a year ago. In addition to the first story arc, the book also contains the 4e game adaptations of the first two issues.
* Dungeons and Dragons: Legends of Drizzt Omnibus TP Vol 1 - this book collects the comic book adaptations of the Drizzt novels Homeland, Exile, and Sojourn that Devil's Due released starting in 2005.
* Lastly, speaking of every one's favorite Drow ranger, there is currently a new Drizzt comic telling an original story by  R. A. and Geno Salvatore. Issues are still coming out in comic form, but I suspect a trade will shorty after the last issue.