Oct 20, 2011

Dwarven Forge - Free Planning Tools

As the new proud owner of a Dwarven Forge - Room Set, I was very eager to use it in my game at the first opportunity. But I had no easy way of planning what rooms I could layout with my one set.

I could, of course, pull the actual pieces out and arrange them on my dining room table, but I'd like something a little easier. I've also seen references to some PC programs that would help with the planning task, but I'm a Mac guy and I wasn't looking for something that elaborate (maybe if I had a bunch of sets that might be more useful), but for me and my single set, I was looking for something quick and low tech.

Basically, all I really wanted was a PDF with paper versions of the pieces in the Room Set that I could print, cut and arrange as needed. The nice thing about the PDF is that if I had multiple versions of a given set, I could just print out extra copies. Or, if I was planning something elaborate, I could print out as much as I needed and that would show me how many of a given set it would take to match my design.

Since I couldn't find anything like that on the Interwebs, I decided to create my own. If you down load the PDF from the link provided here (or click on the PDF thumbnail at the top right), you'll see it contains very simple representations of the pieces in the Dwarven Forge Room Set. These are not meant to replace their sets, just ease the planning process. If you get any use out of this, please post a comment to let me know.