Nov 17, 2011

Did you know? Gray Dragons

A little know official Dragonlance monster, the gray dragon, first appeared in issue #146 of Dragon Magazine (cover date June 1989). Appearing as part of the magazine's dragon theme issue, it was one of several new dragon types described in an article titled "The Dragon's Bestiary".

The article offers a few other new dragon types, but none of them are specifically stated as coming from Krynn.

The gray dragon is very similar in size, nature, and habitat to a white dragon. In the 3.5 Bestiary of Krynn book, gray dragon's are presented as just a list of adjustments to a comparable white dragon of the same age.

The forth edition book, Draconomicon - Chromatic Dragons, offers up a gray dragon, but has no connection to the previous versions in terms of description, or similarity to white dragons.