Jan 26, 2012

Prepping for the Con (GenCon 2012 Warmup)

While I was working the company booth at an industry convention, I noticed folks walking this way and that (rarely stopping at our booth), all with the various goodie bags they picked up from the other vendors at the show.

Between failed attempts at using the force to compel folks to visit our station ("This is the booth you're looking for"), I started thinking about GenCon (and how it couldn't get here soon enough!).

Thinking about the con made me realize two important thinks:

  1. Pre-reg starts this weekend! That's right. If you're planning to go, you can pre-reg starting this Sun at noon. Pre-reg saves you a couple of bucks and is of course the first step to booking a room as well as events.
  2. I need to start training! That's also right. If you've been to GC before you know the layout is massive, and the reports are that it will be even more spread out this year, with more nearby hotels serving as the site for various games and seminars.
In order to be up for the challenge, I need to get back to the gym, and get back to a regular routine of weights and cardio. The dealer's room alone can feel like a half marathon if you're not used all that walking. And the weights? You will be amazed at how fast a few purchases can start to weigh down on you.

And, if you're like me, looking to get ready for the con, know that you are not alone. Take a moment and visit (and sign up) at plus5cha.com to read about and hope get inspired by other geeks also looking to get in better shape.