May 24, 2013

The Gaming Bucket List

If you're anything like me, then you probably have a bunch of games that you've purchased in the past, intending to run, but never quite getting around to.

I have a bunch of games like this, and being the pack rat that I am, most (ok, all) are still in my possession. So, when I finalized my plans for GenCon this year, and realized that I would be in Indy with friends, some I haven't seen for awhile, I had an epiphany! I would dust off one of these never-played games and run a quick session during our time at the con.

The game I selected? A lesser known game called Legacy: War of Ages. It was basically a riff on the Highlander movies, with all of the film's IP thinly disguised. There are a few unique concepts in the game, and it expands the world by including Vampires, Warlocks, and a few other nasties to challenge the immortal characters.

Overall the original game never got great reviews, and while the few supplements that actually saw light of day were of dubious quality, the game still holds a soft spot for me (mostly from liking the original Highlander film, and the later TV series).

If all goes well, I go back and look over some of the other "bucket list" games I have and pull another one out at another time.

Currently the top games in my bucket list includes:
  • ReichStar - What-if the German's won WW2 and now centuries later, the Third Reich was an intergalactic power.
  • Deadlands - Horror meets the old west
  • Noir - Pulp noir roleplaying
So what games are on your bucket list? Leave a comment!