Aug 15, 2013

GenCon 2013: Day 0

So I'm now in Indy getting ready for the 2013 GenCon convention. Today is basically day 0, the convention hasn't really started, but on the other hand, it kind of has.

Like last year, I drove out to the con, and had a great time with my car buddy Brad. It was a great chance to catch up on what we've been up to, what our respective families have been doing, and of course, talking about all things geek.

Once we arrived and dropped off our gear, we headed over to the convention to get our badges. The line was super long, but moved much faster than we could have expected. In less that 15 minutes we both had passes and event tickets in hand.

Next up, time to get the swag bag. Oh, wait there's no swag bag this year? Bummer, but the coupon book looked better than it had been in previous years, so maybe that will make up for it, especially since most of the swag I would ditch before leaving the state at the end of the week.

One other little thing I noticed. In the past few years, the badges would have really nice lanyards, usually advertising a given product. This year, for whatever reason, the lanyards are just generic elastic string. Fortunately, I have my D&D lanyard from a few years ago, so I'll have to hold my 4-Day badge.

After getting badges/tickets, it was time to head out for some dinner. We had planned to go to Scotty's Brewhouse, but when the staff told us it was a 2 hour wait for a table for two (putting our seating time around 10pm), we had to move on. Across the street in fact to the Irish pub, where I had the chance to enjoy some Newcastle Brown Ale, fried pickles and a sandwich.

We walked around the con on the way back to the hotel and started getting ready for the next day.

For me, it might be some D&D Delve, then some Toons, and maybe a few seminars. We'll see how tomorrow turns out.

Welcome to GenCon!