Sep 12, 2013

D&D Cartoon: Eric and Shelia Never Looked So Good

Stumbled on a great artist, Stefani Rennee, who has in his portfolio, wonderful renditions of Eric and Sheila from the 80's Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Check it out from the link above.

I was a fan of the series as a kid, and I admit that I kinda liked Hank the Ranger the best (let's be honest, he had one of the few offensive weapons in the group), when I re-watched the series a few years ago, when I bought the DVDs, I realized that Eric is probably the most realized of all the characters.

I hope Stephani adds portraits for the other characters in the same style. I could easily imagine a one-shot game night where the players take on revised versions of those classic characters, and use the new artwork for reference.