Feb 13, 2014

More Minis!

Not only will 2014 bring us the new addition of Dungeons and Dragons, but it also seems more miniatures are also on the horizon.

Seems WotC has made a license deal with WizKids to create new pre-painted plastic minis for D&D. WizKids first came on the game scene with their game Mage Knight. Mage Knight was a tactical minis game that featured pre-painted minis on a dynamic base that showed the mini's abilities.

More recently WizKids have been creating pre-painted minis for the Pathfinder game system, in addition to their own game, which includes a super hero version of Mage Knight (called Hero Clicks) and a Star Trek ship-to-ship combat game that debuted at last year's GenCon.

While I like the idea of WotC partnering with WizKids, I think the quality of what they are producing is so much better than many of the WotC-produced minis back in the day, it's also sad to see them taking a page from the Paizo page-book. Back in the day, TSR often partnered up with companies to do the things they couldn't do in-house, like the early metal mini lines from Ral Partha. Later TSR thought they could do everything in house, from minis, to magazine publishing, etc. Now hopefully we'll see them return to a "house of ideas" company and partner with the best companies to produce quality support products, like minis, and computer games.

I for one look forward to not only a new version of D&D, but possibly a new company, one that works with the best companies to produce products for this hobby.

To read more about the announcement, here the official press release from WizKids.