Apr 3, 2014

Kreo Warriors Set Review - Drizzt

As my past reviews here and here have indicated, I'm not very fond of the Kre-o Dungeons and Dragons figures, but considering how truly iconic the character of Drizzt is, I just had to pick one up.

As for the figure itself I think it's a wonderful representation of the much beloved drow ranger. The kreon has a nice white hair piece, comes with two scimitars, and has great detail in the torso printing, down to the fur lining of his cloak. The figure also comes with a nice bow and pieces to make a small tree with a practice bulls eye.

Unfortunately, that's all you get, and that's where this set, and all the Warriors sets in general, really miss their mark. For the extra price of the set, the Warriors sets run at least $1 more than the blind figure packs, all you get is a handful of extra pieces. In the case of the Drizzt set, just getting a lone figure doesn't really seem like an iconic presentation. Where is Guenhwyvar, his panther companion? The kre-o line already has wolves (see G.I. Joe and the Beastmaster figure in the D&D line for examples), so adding his trusted companion should have been a no-brainer.

And what's with the tree? I've never read any Drizzt novel where he attacks a tree. Granted, I haven't read all of them, so maybe there is a scene I'm missing, but for this set, we really should have an Orc opponent, like the teaser poster when the sets were first announced. Having Drizzt by himself just seems like a half baked idea.

That said, should you pick one up? Hell yes, even in spite of the omissions in this set, what is here is one great figure. Also, with Wulfgar slated to be part of a future release, you definitely want to have Drizzt on hand.