Oct 9, 2014

Game Session: When Kobolds Fly! (Part 1)

After the events of the last adventure, Duncan and Ataraxia decided to follow up on the rumors they had previously hear about even more kobold activity in the area.

Traveling northward in the Southern Dargaard Mountains, the duo came across a lone man hanging upside down from a tree calling out for help. The man appeared exhausted and weakened from being out in the elements for days. After being rescued, the old man explained that he was a passenger on a road carriage heading for Saltmarsh.

The man, who identified himself as Erik Frause, was in route to the city on behalf of his employee, Diam uth Wathor. He traveled with several other people, including a young boy, a pair of men he recognized as Oswald and Hubert Fastralli (sons of a wealthy gem merchant from Saltmarsh), and the carriage driver.

When the carriage was attacked, Erik was thrown from the vehicle and beaten by a group of kobolds. They then stripped him and hung him upside down from the tree. Erik was able to see some of the kobolds leading the other humans away on foot. In near delirium, he also saw a pair of kobolds seemingly grab a hold of the sky and begin to fly.

This last statement confused Duncan, and Ataraxia. They tried to get Erik to clarify what he meant, but the herald could not explain better what he had seen, other than noting that shortly afterward he passed out from the beating he had received.

The pair gave the old man some clothing, supplies and directions back to Sandyford, and then set off in the direction of the kobold lair.

After crossing the nearby ravine, the duo found themselves before the cave opening where Erik's instructions lead them. The unlit cave was about thirty feet wide at the opening, but quickly narrowed to a tight five foot opening just 12-15 feet inside. The cave roof, at a mere six feet, just cleared Duncan's head. With Duncan's sunrod, the light cut through the darkness and showed the narrow path quickly opening up into a roughly semi circular room with an exit at the opposite end.

Ataraxia noticed something wasn't right in the room. The monk saw that all the tracks in the room followed the right side only. A little poking around revealed that most of the room was covered in a sticky tar substance topped with a layer of dust for camouflage, and only the path to the right seemed clear. After going around it, the pair found the exit hallway covered in shattered glass, which only would be an issue if they weren't wearing their shoes.

The next room was really just a ledge on both sides of the room, with a huge, gaping natural cavern in the middle. On the ledge near the party, a quartet of kobolds were scrambling to react. Two were drawing weapons to attack while the other two were fumbling with some strange harnesses and tarps.

After defeating the two attackers, the other two drew weapons to attack. Soon they were defeated as well. Duncan and Ataraxia examined the strange harnesses and realized that it was some kind of wing contraption. After looking it over for a few moments, it seemed to match the herald's description. Unfortunately these flying devices were only sized for the small and lighter kobolds, neither the cleric nor the monk were willing to test these devices across  the huge cavern separating them from the rest of the cave system.

Instead the monk climbed down the cavern wall to the floor, about 60 feet below. Once there, Ataraxia was attacked by a bunch of huge rats that lived off the trash and waste here. After fighting off a few of the rodents, the rest ran back to their dark corners.

Ataraxia started climbing up the other side of the cavern when the monk found a rough natural stairway. Soon the monk and Duncan were standing on the far side of the cavern.

After confronting a few more kobolds, who were quickly defeated before raising any alarms, the pair came across a secret room in the middle of the hallway. Going inside, they found the room cold and damp, stale area filled their lungs, and a palpable stench filled their noses as a demonic beast lumbered out of the darkness. The mindless creature attacked Duncan with it's powerful arms, but the cleric and monk soon defeated the otherworldly creature. In the room they found the remains of a long dead black-robed wizard and the summoning circle that failed to contain the creature.

Journeying further into the caverns, the pair entered a room full of bat guano, which was also the lair of a swarm of bats. After chasing them off, they found a crude door at one end of the room and another hallway at the other end.

Thinking they might find more demon creatures, or kobold warriors, Duncan and Ataraxia were surprised to find instead a young man, who looked to be a recent prisoner of the kobold tribe.