Mar 9, 2015

A Tale of Two Kickstarters - Where Dwarven Forge Meets Dungeon Decor

A couple of months ago there was a pair of competing Kickstarter projects, one from UpWorks and another similar themed one from Miniature Building Authority. Sadly, through no fault of the projects competing against each other, the UpWorks project went belly up.

But today I'm happy to report on two Kickstarter projects currently running that are so complementary that backing one almost necessitates backing the other.

First up was a nice little Kickstarter project called Tavern Dungeon Decor. This KS gives you a bunch of accessories and dressing for any number of public places, like taverns, temples, or libraries, just to name a few. The KS provides everything from a variety of chairs and tables, to bookshelves, books, plates of hot food, and even a bunch of seated patrons to dress up your city based encounters. What the KS doesn't provide are the walls or rooms for said buildings.

And that's where the second KS comes in. This is the latest Dwarven Forge Kickstarter, Dwarven Forge's City Builder System. This KS, in less than 12 hours has already raised over half a million dollars, and like previous projects from DF, is probably on track to raise several million. Their project still has a long way to go, and plenty of stretch goals and add-ons still to be revealed. This staggered reveal of goals and add-ons really helps keep the excitement alive, not just for non-backers waiting for the tipping point to jump on, but for existing backers who (like me) often have to start searching couch cushions for extra cash for that must have add-on.

On the other hand, the Tavern Dungeon Decor, almost feels like a third party partner to the DF project, since the Tavern project only has one pledge level, and has already outlined all their expected stretch goals and add-ons. It takes no time to figure out what you want and pledge (which can run as low as just $35 without any add-ons).

If you are interested in ether project, do yourself a favor and check them both out (if your wallet can stand it).