Apr 30, 2015

The Lego / D&D Project: Part 3

In our previous two project posts, we looked at building chairs and tables (and benches). In this part, we'll build on the previous two articles and look at ways we can dress up those tables with a bit more detail to really help bring a scene to life.

And the best part is, Lego has already done most of the work for you.

Let's get started...

Imagine the PCs come in to a bar/inn and look around. You can set up a couple of tables, each with something on the table to hint at what the NPCs are up to and maybe how the PCs might approach them.

If the NPCs are drinking out of mugs or goblets

then the PCs might want to buy the next round.

But if the NPCs are playing cards (and winning or loosing money)

then the PCs might want to join the game.

If there's a big feast going on, complete with various meats and breads, laid out on nice dinnerware,

then those might the kind of people willing to hire the PCs.

And lastly, you can use various Lego pieces to flesh out any room, from adding pots and cauldrons

to books, quills, and ink jars.

The options for using Lego to help dress up your game really are only limited by your imagination.

And what if you don't have a good imagination? Let's look at ways around that next time.