Jun 5, 2015

Looking for a Brothel? Right Over Here

Recently during my weekly D&D game, I had my players tracking an NPC in a city with the purpose of abducting and getting information out of him about a greater villain they sought. The only known location the NPC could be found was a local brothel he frequented on a regular schedule.

Since I didn't have any brothel maps in my collection, it was off to the Internet. I thought this was going to be a fruitless search, when what to my wandering eyes should appear? An article on a former brothel for sale, complete with a floor plan of the building.


Since I wasn't planning on combat in the brothel, I didn't bother to make a battle map out of the floor plan, but I did have it on hand for reference as the PCs scouted out the interior of the building, as they checked out this room or that.

Anything on the map that was modern, I just changed to some other type of room, or left the door locked.

In case you need such a building in your own game (for whatever reason), here's the link to the article and map. Be warned, while I wouldn't consider the article NSFW, others might.

(Article on the building)

(Link to the floorplan)