Jun 15, 2017

Accentuate Your Characters

Speaking about Character...

If you're a player or DM who likes being in-character, one of the best ways to help establish a character is through the use of a unique voice, one that is somehow different from your own nature voice.

This can include something like a catch phrase. If you think of Wolverine and his use of the word "Bub" in relation to those around him, or The Thing and "It's Clobberin' Time" these are great ways to help you identify a bit about the character. Wolverine tends to be a man of few words, and more action, so "Bub" is a great line, and for the The Thing, "Clobberin' Time" makes him sound a bit uneducated, but also hints that he's not a bloodthirsty killer.

Another way to help get that unique character voice is through the use of an accent. Here I must admit that accents are not my specialty, though I have be trying hard to keep the right accent for Count Strahd in my current CoS game.

If you are interested in trying an accent, or refining one, check out this handy YouTube video that not only showcases each accent, but breaks down vocal and pronunciation changes needed to achieve it.

It just might be a great starting point for creating the voice of your next character.