Oct 14, 2007

Second Group, First Session - Sailing the Seas of Adventure

Note: This is the second time I ran this module. The first group fell apart before completing the module and I chose to rerun the beginning again with a second group. (I'll add some commentary about differences from the first and second group where notable)

For the first session, the party consisted of:

  • (Silvenesti) Elven Mage
  • Half-Elf Ranger
  • (We were supposed to have dwarven fighter, but that player didn't show up and dropped out before actually playing)
The group started out in the city of Solace (well know from the original Dragonlance novels). I didn't worry too much about why they were there, but they were all recruited by a business man to take some documents (a trade agreement) by boat to a merchant working out of the city of Dun Eamon and Flotsam.

The agreement was, at this point, just the catalyst to move people from A to B. (But there might be further advs that involve either of these business men or the agreement in general... I always like to keep my options open).

On the way to Flotsam, they come across a derelict ship. When the captain pulls along side of the boat (the PCs didn't stress any caution to the ship's Captain, nor would I really expect them too), men from the "derelict" ship boarded the other ship and attacked, in an ill reasoned plan to take the ship by force. There were about 6 attackers and the PCs (and NPC sailors) were easily able to dispatch all of them. The mage disabled a few of them with a sleep spell and later questioning didn't yield anything useful. The mage did think to search the ship for supplies, info, etc, but there was nothing of value (the first group did not search the derelict, nor did the module mention the possibility of a search, though I was able to figure out that there would be little of value based on the encounter notes)

There was nothing special about this combat, just a straight up attack, which I thought was a good way to get things rolling, since most of these people (players and characters) didn't really know each other.

Later that night, the ranger, currently topside sees a light on the distant night water... getting closer and closer and headed straight for the ship...

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