Oct 27, 2007

Game Session - (Sea) Devil Island

In between the previous session and this one, not only did the missing player drop out, but so did another player (leaving us with only one player), who also happened to be the host. He had a great space for playing... sorry to lose that space. So I suspended the game until we could get some players. Out of the several who seemed interested, only one actually made it to the point of creating a character... The next session would soon be on.

Since the session was going to begin with the PCs on the boat to the island, I did a little retcon and said that Theo (the new character) was always on the ship, the dwarf (who had never actually played) was never there, and the mage (who did take part in the first session) was staying behind to guard the ship. So now we had a half-elf ranger, a kender rogue, and I added in one of the pirates (named Royan) to help explore the sea devils lair as an NPC "fighter" I controlled.

Once on the island, they already knew from the ghost of Captain Fletcher where to go. They also knew that most of the Sea Devils were out of the lair (on a deep sea raid) at the time. At the end of a long cave enterance, the PCs entered an open space. Spread around the floor were the recently dead bodies of several sailors. As they entered the room, the animated corpses of 3 of the sailors rose and begain attacking the party. They spread out and defeated the undead attackers in a few rounds. From there they did a little more exploring, first in an empty refuse room in the north, to a larger, empty room in the east.

The eastern room was like a beach front, with water filling a large part of the space. Hunter and Theo drank the remaining underwater breathing potions, while the pirate stayed watch on the underground shore. From there, Hunter and Theo explored a nearby room (also partly on dry land) and found a sea devil before a strange alter. Combat ensued and Hunter was charmed to flee the scene, but Theo defeated the Sea Devil and broke the magical bond on his companion. They gathered some of the treasures at the alter and continued on their search for the Eye of the Sea Dragon.

Next the two sailed through some of the underground passages and found themselves in a completely submerged room. All around was a varied collection of treasures, from coins, and jewelry, to weapons and gems, including the Eye of the Sea Dragon. But what the party quickly realized was that they were not alone in the room. In a corner, hiding behind a large trunk was what appeared to be a sea elf. But this was no prisoner, and no one in need of saving. As the party approached, she rose up and attacked the party with the trident she was carrying.

Hunter and Theo were able to surround her so that she was unable to escape and she fought to the death. Afterward they were able to gather up some of her ill-gotten treasures in addition to the Eye that they were tasked to retrieve.

With the Eye of the Sea Dragon in their possession, Hunter and Theo returned to Royan and they all made their escape. A short trip back to the pirates waiting by the canoe, and they were quickly on the ship heading for Flotsam, and the last leg of their journey.

End of Session Two
(Once again, since I was looking to add new players to the game, this seemed like a logical place to end for the night)