Nov 8, 2007

Game Session - In the City

With the PCs back on ship and the Eye of the Sea Dragon in their possession, only one task remained... to return the gem and Captain Fletcher's bones to the Temple of the Pirate God...

As the ship sailed into Flotsam and the PCs got to see construction on a nearby island of a large building (they would later learn it will be a massive lighthouse for the port city). At the docks they saw all manner of ships from elven and minotaur ships, to merchant vessels from all around the continent dropping off and taking on passengers and cargo. The ghostly Captain Fletcher gave the PCs directions to the Temple and promptly disappeared, so as not to frighten the general populace.

When the party arrived at the Temple of the Pirate God, they found the ghost of Captain Fletcher already there and talking to his old friend, Peg-Leg Peligro, commonly known these days as Father Pete, head of the church. He was glad for the return of the missing item and thanked the party for their great efforts. Leading everyone to the back of the church, Father Pete revealed a trapdoor that lead to the temple's basement. Down there, were all the church's treasures and offerings from it's more successful parishioners, from bags of coins of all denominations, to precious works of art and exquisite jewerly. But the center piece of the room was the huge statue at the one end of the room. On top of a high base, was the bronze statue of a dragon turtle, in repose. It's head reared up and looking down benevolently. One eye of the statue was a large spherical ruby, while the other eye socket was empty. Father Pete deftly climbed up to the top of the statue and placed the returned gem in the empty socket. He made a small parting prayer before escorting everyone topside.

One back upstairs, the ghost of Captain Fletcher starting making his goodbyes, prepared for his journey on the River of Souls to the afterlife. But before he could depart the mortal coil, there was a loud crash coming from the basement. Peg-leg Peligro raced to the back of the church to investigate the strange noise. When he opened the trapdoor again, smoke and dust caming billowing out of the basement. As it cleared, Father Pete went down for a better look, as did the party.

Once down there, everyone could see that the statue had be toppled over, and that now both eye sockets were empty of the precious stones that made up their visage. It appeared that magic had been used to allow thieves entrance into the lower level of the building and had also resulted in knocking over the statue. Everyone searched for some trace of a clue to show who might have taken the stones, or where they might be. With all other avenues exhausted, everyone helped replace the huge statue back on it's base. In the empty eye sockets, Father Pete placed lit candles and made a prayer of guidance to his god. The smoke from the candles coalesced into a wall of vapor and showed brief images to all who were in the room. In the vapor was a warehouse door, with a strange symbol above it, people in a cavern wearing robes and chanting around a stone altar, and both "eyes" on top of a crude flat surface.

Father Pete was able to recognize the symbol and the door as part of a building in the warehouse district. He gave the party directions to where it was located this building.

Hunter, Theo, and Royan staked out the place for a while and saw no activity in or out of the place. After a while the entered to investigate further. The large warehouse appeared empty and dimly lite. As Theo moved in closer, one of the hidden guards tried to attack. Combat ensued for a while as Theo and his assailant faced off and Hunter tried dealing with a second hidden person, this one wielding magical power. The two guards fought fanatically to their deaths.

Afterward the party had time to search the warehouse where they uncovered a hidden entrance to a natural underground cavern. They slowly and softly proceeded down in the depths.

The stone was rough and natural rooms formed down here. As they proceeded down the hall the found a storeroom with spare supplies in one area. In another "room" there was a sleeping pallet, a small chest, and even a table and chair. On the table they found a strange book. The writing was unknown to any of the party, but the title was in common for all to see, "The Way of the Unspeakable One". Theo grabbed the book as they all made their way further into the cavern.

Just rounding a corner, they all started hearing chanting in the upcoming room. As they turned another corner, they could see the unholy site. All around a central stone dais were several robed figures chanting, one clearly leading the others in some unnatural prayer. Dim torches lit the full room and a light haze of smoke filled the air with a sweat, pungent aroma. Atop the dais were the two stones missing from the statues eyes.

Theo, and Hunter were the first to rush into the room, attacking the cultists with drawn weapons. Royan followed just on their heals. Most of the cultist stopped their chanting and unsheathed their own ornate short swords. The cult leader continued chanting while the other members were able to press the attack against Hunter and Theo. Surrounded by cult members, Hunter and Theo fell unconscious from the attacks. The last thing either of them could see before passing out was Royan tring to fight through the cult members on his way over to their leader...

A few hours later Hunter and Theo awoke to find themselves still in the lower cavern. Next to them was the dead body of Royan, having been run through with several swords. Looking further around the room, they were horrified to see all the bodies of the cult members savagely dismembered and scattered around the room like so many broken toys. Then they noticed on top of the alter the two stolen jems still remained, untouched and otherwise undisturbed amidst all this carnage. Hunter and Theo gathered up the gems and carried the body of their fallen comrade back to the the Temple of the Pirate God. They were able to take sidestreets and otherwise remain out of view of the local guard.

Back at the temple they were able to return the stones and allow the ghost of Captain Fletcher to continue his journey on the River of Souls. For the living left behind, more questions than answered remained. Who is the unspeakable one? What exactly happened in that cavern? And will it come back again?
(end of session 3)