Nov 10, 2007

Game Session - Out of Bounds

It had been a couple of weeks since we finished up the first adventure (real life schedules getting in the way) and now we were about to start the next one. In between sessions we exchanged some emails to deal with the treasure, cost of training (they were both now level 2) and some other mundane matters. The party was still in possession of a book ("The Way of the Unspeakable One") that no one could comprehend, and some ceremonial swords cult members had on them (some were sold for coin).

The original job that they were hired to do was to deliver some papers to Herrick Mendon, a merchant who worked out of Flotsam and Dun Eamon (aka The Grey Citadel), so they still had that task to complete. Before they could do that, an agent for Herrick approached them with an offer. Delay your trip to Dun Eamon for a few weeks and escort a special item to The Grey Citadel along with the papers, for an additional few. The PCs agreed as they didn't have anything else pressing at the moment. The downtime allowed them to train and gain more skills.

When the package arrived, the PCs were met again by the agent and another person going along with them on the trip; a mage named Arterion. (The PCs didn't ask but the reason was because of recent attacks on lone wagons on the roads around Flotsam).

The party now consists of:

  • Hunter - half-elf ranger
  • Theodonis - kender rogue
  • Arterion - elven (Silvenesti) mage
The trip to Dun Eamon was about 6 days and there were no real incidents along the way. Hunter used his bow skills to bag fresh game when possible and the party met a lone traveler (spice trader) one afternoon. They shared a meal and exchanged information. The traveler had heard mention of the trouble around Flotsam but little of what was going on at the Grey Citadel. After a fine meal, they both went their own ways.

At Dun Eamon, the party met Herrick Mendon (and older, dour sort of fellow) and learned the package was for the mage-in-residence, Elinda Bannon. They received payment, and even had to correct Herrick when it appeared he "accidentally" short-changed them.

They headed over to the Market Tavern (the nearby Tavern and Inn) and talked a bit with the dwarven bartender, Flitch, about Elinda. She wasn't in the bar at the moment but was often found in her tower or playing a game of Khas with her friend Brother Cael.

She wasn't at Brother Cael's, but they learned that Cael was Cael Angus, brother of Arb and Bron Angus, who were the town ruler and captain of the watch, respectively. After going to her town, but finding no way in (her magic obscured any possible enterance inside), they were lucky enough to run in to her outside her place as she came back from some errands.

They chatted for a bit on the street corner. Then, with a wave of her hand, an enterance appeared and she invited them inside for some tea. They showed her the book regarding the "Unspeakable One" but she was as much at a loss as they were regarding the exact contents. Her specialty was in ancient and complex magic devices, not dark divine powers (as she deduced from the book's title). The party soon left and retired to the Market Tavern to get a room for the night.

The next morning they set off for the return trip home. The first few days passed without event, but then in the forested area, about a day and a half outside of Flotsam, they found an overturned wagon and a dead horse. The horse had been carved with some sharp blade and not simply eaten by a savage animal. Hunter was able to see tracks that looked like a body being dragged away and the footprints of about a dozen or so small shoeless bipeds. They all followed the trail deeper into the forest...