Feb 20, 2008

Recommendation: The Guild

I'm not a big video game player. Guitar Hero is about my speed, and too much of the appeal of that game for me is the plastic guitar-like controller... I dread the day Patty comes home to find me wearing the controller and serenading the cat with my extensive knowledge of Rick Springfield songs...

"Don’t you think your friends are talking Alyson?
They’re blaming it all on me
I’m blaming it all on love"
from Alyson
but I digress...

I've also never play online games, like WoW or Evercrack, but I recently stumbled across a this youtube channel called The Guild. It's supposedly about a group of eccentric online players and their adventures in the real world, from trying to meet IRL, to one player obsessed with another... it's all dark and dry humor... check it out.

The only bad thing is the eps are not created with any frequency, and I have no idea what their schedule is for new shows.