Mar 21, 2008

4th Edition vs "4th" Edition

With the upcoming release of the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rule set, the web has been all abuzz about what the new game will have, what it won't have, and why you need it at your table...

Along those lines Verys Arkon (not sure if that's a screen name or not) has compiled all the bits scattered here and there around the Internet on the new edition into a "lite" 4th Edition PHB pdf.

On the other hand Paizo Publishing (recent home to Dragon and Dungeon magazines), and current publisher of the Pathfinder modules has announced their plan to continue supporting 3.5, with modifications. Their "4th" edition (or is that 3.75 edition?) product, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, recently released the free alpha version of their rule set.

So let the dueling games begin... and call me when it's over. In the mean time, I gotta go out and get a Blu-Ray player.