Aug 10, 2008

Did You Know? The Lizardfolk of Krynn

Unlike most settings where there is just one monster known as "lizardfolk", on Krynn there are actually three such creatures that fall under that general category.

  • Bakali: Thought to be an extinct race, these lizardfolk look more like bipedal crocidiles.
  • Jarak-Sinn: This race probably looks more like the standard lizardfolk of other settings. In comparison to the Bakali, they are larger, more muscular, and more warlike.
  • Troglodyte: These standard monsters also fall under the "lizardfolk" category, with no change to their game mechanics.
Both the Bakali and Jarak-Sinn typically serve either the neutral godess Chislev, or the evil deity Takhisis. Both races are composed of mostly fighters, along with a few shamans in each tribe.

All three types are covered in detail as PC races in the Dragons of Krynn sourcebook