Aug 15, 2008

Darkness and Light: An Interlude

After leaving the ruins of the temple, the party journeyed for two days to Dun Eamon, a city nestled in the nearby mountain range, also known as the Grey Citadel. Theo and Hunter had previous done some business there "a few months back", but hadn't returned since.

Since the Grey Citadel was closer than Flotsam, and they had already made a few contacts there, not the least of which was the artificer, Elinda Bannon, Dun Eamon seemed like the quickest place to gather supplies before return to confront the infernal red dragon in it's underground lair.

Just outside Dun Eamon, where the road was narrow and close to the nearby marsh, the group was surrounded by a hunting party of jarak-sinn. The lizardfolk spoke to each other in strange gurgling sounds. If they were trying to talk to the party, it did no good, since no one could understand the foreign language. Clad in crude armor of animal skins, wooden shields (all emblazoned with the symbol of a red arrow), and wielding spears, clubs, and stone axes, the jarak-sinn attacked. Perhaps they thought this small band of weary travelers would be easy prey... the jarak-sinn were sadly mistaken. In short order, the party dispatched a enough of their numbers to send the rest fleeing back into the swamp.

At the gateway into the city, they were stopped by the city guard, who asked a few basic questions about who they were and what was their business in the city. The guards also went over a few of the basic laws--keeping weapons peacebonded, and not casting destructive or deadly offensive spells within the city.

Once in the city, Hunter and Theo lead the party to the Market Tavern, the same place they stayed last time. The tavern was still the same, with the dwarf Flitch behind the bar, and the young serving girl Molly, spending more time listening to the party's adventures than actually dispensing food and drink.

Over the next few days the party went about gathering supplies, including fresh rations, extra arrows, and healing along with a few spells Adow knew could aid against the dragon. On the second day, Caledon, the local herbalist and druid in the city came to inform the party that Greybeard had suddenly left the city.

It seems the druid circle left word for Greybear at several nearby cities and towns. Since Greybear first informed them, they have kept watch on the cave where the Black Scourge was imprisoned. Recent activity seems to indicate that several more of the dragon's mystical bones were brought to the lair. If the Gem of Amara couldn't be found in time, the druids would be the first line of defense against the ancient dragon.

Caledon was also there to give the party something Greybear left for them. It was a special bit of druidic magic; a small length of rope with five knots. If anyone pulled the rope taught, the knots would be undone and a magical healing aura would wash over the party.

Just before leaving the party also arranged another meeting with Elinda Bannon. At first she thought the party were couriers bringing another item for her (as Theo and Hunter did during their first meeting with the wizard of Dun Eamon), but soon learned the real story. She didn't have much information on the Gem of Amara or the Black Scourge, but was willing to loan the party a few magic items in her possession in return for a small favor.

With their supplies in hand, the party set off for the ruins of the Temple of the Flaming Fist