Sep 4, 2008

Darkness and Light: The Return

After having gone to the city of Dun Eamon to resupply and rest, the party returned to the temple ruins to confront the demonic red dragon lurking below.

The party cautiously crept though the same passages and hallways they previously explored. In short order they found themselves in the same open hallway where they first encountered the dragon.

Initially it seemed as if the dragon may have left this lair. Exploring the far end of the passage, they found a door that was all but falling off it's ancient hinges and singed from various fires and covered in huge gaping gouges in the heavy wood. Peering inside, the floor seemed to be covered from wall to wall in coins, silver bars, gems and all manner of treasures. The appearance of what clearly looked like the dragon's horde put everyone on edge... the beast was still here somewhere.

They didn't have long to ponder that question before the hall filled with the rushing air and flapping wings of a large red dragon. As it passed overhead, it rained fire down on the party before disappearing back into the shadows. As the party regrouped, it appeared as though the dragon would lay in wait, but a few moments later it flew out again landing in front of the party and unleashing it's vast array of attacks.

As the battle raged, the party unleashed all manner of weapons and spells while the dragon used it's formidable claws, teeth and even wings in retaliation.

As Adow lay on the ground dying, and the rest of the part seriously wounded, Hunter activated the mystical knots Greybear had given then before leaving the party in Dun Eamon. Cool blue light covered Adow, Theo, Jes, Bergin and Hunter healing all their wounds and restoring their vitality. With renewed energy, the party was able to continue attacking the fiendish dragon, felling the creature without further injury.

With the dragon dead, the party created a make-shift slede-cart to transport the dragon's body, and it's formidable treasure horde back to Dun Eamon. After a few days travel, they returned to the city. Everyone was agape as they lead a cart overflowing with coins and gems through the town, not to mention, carrying the dead body of large dragon.

The party was able to return to Elinda Bannon's tower and offered the dragon body as a gift for her previous assistance (they also returned the magic items she had leant them). In exchange, Elinda also kept their treasures safe while in the city.

Though the dragon was dead, the party wasn't any closer to finding the one known key to destroying the Black Scourge... what other dangers might be standing between them and the Gem of Amara?

Sadly, this post does not do the actual game session justice. The battle was close, and there was more than one time where a character would have been dead (dead-dead and not just unconscious and bleeding) if not for a quickly consumed potion, or a timely cure spell.

By the end of the session, the players, and not just their characters, looked exhausted and relieved the battle was over. As a DM, I knew I did my job right... at least for that session!