Feb 9, 2009

Darkness and Light: Hidden Passages and Found Treasure

After the party found the passage into the hidden part of the temple, they began to make their way down the hallway.

Once again, they noticed how untouched this part of the ruins appeared. Magical light globes were still affixed to the walls offering illumination every 20 or 30 feet. Also, there was little in the way of dust and debris collecting in the corners and cracks--another testament to the undisturbed nature of this area.

Most of the corridors held little information on where the Gem of Amara might be located. A few areas were guarded by undead minions, a mix of human and gnoll corpses animated into zombie and skeletal creatures. The two forces that once fought to the death, now served together in unlife to do the bidding of some darker power.

One strange area held three vats (built into the floor) of a caustic liquid. Adow was able to determine that it had once been a powerful acid, and based on various wall carvings in this room, that this area was a preparation chamber for the monastery's dead.

Another room area held a black hexagonal pillar with daggers carved on each of it's six sides. After touching the pillar the carvings "peeled" off and became real floating daggers that began attacking the party. It took the players some time, but they eventually defeated the flying blades. The walls held some carvings and the symbol on the pillar seem to indicate that this chamber was dedicated to Hiddukel, one of the evil gods (while the rest of this underground lair seemed dedicated to a Fallen named DaiHauk).

Further exploration lead the party to an area that was once chambers for the head cleric of the order. There they fought the last of the undead constructs. Afterward they found a loose floor stone which seemed to cover a lock mechanism. Using the key they found on the corpse under the waterfall, they heard a grinding and shifting sound escape from beyond the room's walls. Further searching revealed a secret door to a natural passage that lead into a cave. As the party entered they could see the Gem of Amara in the center of the room.

the Gem of Amara

As the party went to retrieve what they fought so hard to find, they also encountered the spirit of the dead gnoll captain, the one who lead the raid on the temple, and who's only consuming obsession was to possess the gem. At first the spirit inhabited the body of the monk, until he was restrained, then the gnoll spirit jumped into Adow's body. After a brief hesitation, as the spirit gained control of the new body, it again went after the gem. As the gnoll touched the gem he had so longed to possess, a feeling of peace had washed over the mage.

With it's one goal finally complete, the spirit of the gnoll began to fade, it's grip slipping... soon it was gone, and the party was left alone in the chamber, now in full possession of the Gem of Amara.