May 10, 2008

My Dragonlance - The Four Fs

As I mentioned in passing in the last game session ("A Different Keep on the Borderlands - Part 4"), in my version of Dragonlance, which I like to think of as Krynn 616, there's more than just the gods of light, darkness, and balance in the celestial makeup.

I've also included lesser beings, such as demons and devils. These lesser beings are very rarely hinted at in the novels; I'm only aware of one book, Lord Toede, which makes mention of devils.

So in adding this new layer to the setting, I came up with a bit of history to explain how these new beings all fit in with the established history, which in this case dates all the way back to the Age of Starbirth.

As part the All Saints War, there were many other beings fighting in this celestial war. At the end of the war, many of the lesser beings were NOT elevated to deities as they had hoped (or been promised). As a result they became the following:

  • The Fallen. These beings comprise the warriors who fought in the war and afterward retained some loyalty to the gods of darkness and continue to follow the ridge order that they had before. These are the devils of D&D.
  • The Forsaken. These warriors were also on the side of darkness, but when they learned they would never be elevated, they completely rebelled against any hierarchy and fought among themselves. They now have no allegiance to any god and actively seek to corrupt human souls as well as garner enough power to war again against all the gods. These are the demons of D&D.
  • The Favored. These are the warriors who fought on the sides of Light and Balance. At the end of the war, they remained loyal to the gods and willingly serve as messengers and servants. These are akin to angels in Christian faith.
  • The Faithful. These are people who were once human and through extraordinary actions and circumstances were touched by a deity at the time of their death. They now function as additional servants of the gods. These beings are akin to saints in Christian faith.
So that's a look at the expanded celestial hierarchy. Are there more groups beyond these four in the heavens? Rumors persist of ancient powers, akin to Chaos, that lie outside the established order, leaving scholars to wonder just who are these "Forgotten" beings?