Jul 10, 2009

The Draconians are Coming, The Draconians are Coming

Pictures of the miniatures in the next D&D set, Legendary Evils, confirm that two creatures exclusively from the Dragonlance setting will be included. This new set will feature minis for both the Aurak and Sivak types of draconians.

Previously, the Dragoneye set included minis for the Baaz and Kapak draconians. Now all I need is for them to create a Bozak figure to round out the set. Interestingly the Baaz and Kapak are the two weakest and the Aurak and Sivak are the two strongest, leaving the Bozak to suffer middle-child syndrome.

Another exciting bit of news about draconians is that one of the new source books will include 4e stats for these creatures. I haven't heard yet if the book will also include rules to play Baaz and Kapak, like the 3.5 edition of Dragonlance did.

All of these little bits are leading some to think that Dragonlance will be the new 4e setting for 2010 (last year was Forgotten Realms, this year is Eberron). While I hope it is Dragonlance, I wouldn't be surprised if Dark Sun was the next setting, since it never got a real 3.0 or 3.5 update, except for a few articles in Dungeon/Dragon.