Mar 31, 2010

Adult + D&D = AD&D?

There's a new video series that recently started on The Escapist ( called I Hit It With My Axe about a group of folks playing D&D.

Since there's already plenty and plenty of YouTube clips chronicling this group or that in video format as they play their game, the hook here is that most of the players are also involved in the adult entertainment industry. That aspect has no real bearing on the series, other than the same "pique my curiosity" effect that keeps The Bachelor or Steven Seagel: Lawman on the air (for reasons that completely elude me).

Right now there's two episodes available for viewing, each lasting a little more than 6 minutes. The video is not from the "set up the camera and record everything" style, but in fact is heavily edited with personal interviews mixed within the context of a game session. With that said, clearly this is shot in someone's cramped dining room (a non-player can be seen hanging out reading comic books on the nearby couch).

Overall I like the series so far, though I wish the episodes were a bit longer and had a bit more game content. The jump-cut style editing is fine, but it moves around a bit too much and by the time things are getting started (in the second episode), with a medusa and her retinue bargaining with the PCs to criminal records in exchange for locating and returning her missing daughter, the episode is over.

I don't think I'll be waiting breathlessly for each new episode, but I'll check back from time to time to see how things progress for this unlikely group (in addition to the careers of several of the players, everyone is a girl except for the DM) and hope they can kick some assumptions about just who plays D&D!