Mar 26, 2010

When 4E Met 1E

This summer one of the new D&D products coming out will be a new Starter Set, another in a long line of attempts to help bring in new blood to our favorite hobby.

But this time I wonder if the goal is to bring in new players to the D&D fold, or bring BACK old players.

Cover art for the new starter set doesn't have any of the art treatment we've seen for 4E products and instead, features a cover that doesn't just hearken back to a previous edition, but in fact is a direct swipe of an earlier product.

Compare below, the art for the new starter set and the art for a 1e set.

New Starter Set

Previous Basic Rules Cover
Other than the product title and the company logo, it's exactly the same. I'll be interested to hear how this product does and how many old school players just might pick up the dice once again.