Jun 21, 2013

D&D Next - Resources You Can Use

If you are using the new D&D Next rules in your game (like I currently am), there are a number of resources you should be aware of to keep up to date with the latest thinking of this still-evolving game.

One resource that I seem to keep "rediscovering" is the The Tome Show. While I've been a fan of this podcast for a while for their D&D 4e coverage, I'm glad to see they are just as thorough in their coverage of D&D Next. This podcast covers a pretty wide swath in the D&D game space, with episodes covering the latest 4e book release, other episodes around their monthly book club, and some episodes featuring several DMs discussing their own ongoing games. For the D&D Next fan, The Tome Show is covering all the latest releases around the D&D Next rules, as well highlighting columns and online articles you may have missed. Their monthly news desk shows are a great way to make sure you aren't missing any details.

The next few resources are all from WotC employees involved in the new rules.

Probably the most important page you can read is Mike Mearls weekly Legends and Lore column.
As the senior manager of the team crafting the new rules, Mike is in a unique position to see his vision of the game form the core of the new rules. His column is a great way to learn what he's thinking, giving insight into areas not yet covered in the rules, or where existing rules are evolving.

Another page to check out is Rodney Thompson's weekly D&D Next Q&A blog posts. Here Rodney addresses three questions he's previously pre-selected and answers them based on the new rules and the work in progress that he has visibility into.

Lastly, I would highly recommend reading James Wyatt's weekly Wandering Monsters column. While not specially focusing on monsters in D&D Next rules, his column does attempt to abstract the core concepts of various monster types. These concept designs are meant to influence everything from D&D branded video games, D&D branded t-shirts, and I suspect D&D Next creature design.

If you are using the D&D Next rules, I highly recommend checking out some or all of these resources that not only can help keep you up to date on the game, but can also aid you in your next session.