Jun 14, 2013

Too Much Murder in Baldur's Gate

There seems to be a lot of Murder going on in Baldur's Gate, and it's a little confusing to this partial resident of the Realms.

I mean, there's a GenCon event called Murder in Baldur's Gate, then there's the next D&D Encounters season to be called Murder in Baldur's Gate, and on top of that there's a listing on Amazon.com call, what else, Murder in Baldur's Gate.

Are these all the same thing? If I play the GenCon game, is that going to be the same as the Encounters season, which is the same as what I can buy on Amazon?

Or worse, is the GenCon game a teaser for Encounters? After the four hour GenCon event, I hope it doesn't end with a big...

to be continued

And is the Amazon product just a "for sale" version of the Encounters season? So unless you have a Delorean, with a working Flux Capacitor and Mr Fusion, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

In other news


GenCon 2013 is shaping up to look a lot different this year than previously, and for one big reason.

WotC has decided to NOT have a booth in the exhibit hall this year! For people who haven't been to GenCon, you might not realize how big a deal this is. The exhibit hall is one of the premier visits during any trip GenCon; you can easily spend an entire day in there and not see the whole thing.

And one of the most recognizable spots in the hall has always been the TSR/WotC castle, a multi-level structure that can be seen from anywhere in the exhibit hall.

On one hand I think it might be short sighted for them not be in the hall selling any number of products they have available, like their Dungeon Command game that they rolled out last year, or all of the earlier edition repeats, or novels.

On the other hand, the thinking seems to be that if they spend less this year on hall space, they can double down next year when the final version D&D Next will probably be released.

I really need to get a working time machine!