Jul 18, 2013

D&D in Lego-like Form

As I've mentioned before in previous posts, I'm a big fan of Lego, even using them in my Dungeons and Dragons games in various ways.

I was surprised the other day to read about the license deal between D&D and Kre-o. For those who don't know, Kre-o produces a Lego compatible product, with bricks and other elements that fit with the various geometries of Lego pieces.

(I'll save any discussion of the quality of Lego versus the knock-off brands for other sites and blogs.)

Kre-o has recently released a number of sets based on license agreements, including G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Battleship (in line with the recent movie). Not surprisingly, all these products, as well as Dungeons & Dragons, share one common element, Hasbro. As the parent company it must have been an easy decision to award the toy brick building licenses to its own in-house brand Kre-o, as opposed to working with the leading, and much better recognized, Lego.

On one hand I'm glad to see D&D getting the Lego treatment, even if it isn't from the official Lego brand. Likewise, I hope the recent Kre-o Cityville Invasion apps hint at the future of digital/brink cross treatment for this brand as well. Lastly, the promo art for the agreement, looks an awful lot like the cover to the Forgotten Realms novel, The Thousand Orcs, possibly hinting at access to setting specific IP, like the Realms, and Dragonlance.

How cool will it be if there's sets featuring Elminster, the Circle of Eight, or the Heroes of the Lance. I eagerly look forward to see what sets are shown at San Diego Comic-Con this week.


UPDATE: The only images I've seen so far from Comic-con are of the booth statue of Drizzt, seen here: http://news.toyark.com/2013/07/18/sdcc-2013-kre-o-display-94331#images

UPDATE 2: Some images of minifigures, including a very familiar dark elf, and what looks like a tiefling. Not sure who the yellow and black robed mage is. See for youself here: http://news.toyark.com/2013/07/19/sdcc-2013-dungeons-and-dragons-kre-o-96219