Jul 11, 2013

Game Session - Dragon Island

It's been a while since I wrote up a game session post. You may want to refresh yourself with the current story line by checking out these past posts.

After meeting with Marzena, the dragon sage, and securing passage to the rumored island where the Black Scourge once made it's lair, the party set off...

The ship's captain was heading for trade on several islands around the Maelstrom, putting the ship close to the Elian Wilds. The island, home to several jungle barbarian tribes wasn't one of the stops on the trading tour, so the party had to swim ashore on their own. If the party was alive in three week's time when the ship passed by again, they would be picked up, otherwise, there was a small trading outpost on the far side of the island where they could get passage back to the main land.

The party heading to the island consisted of:
  • Theo (kender thief)
  • Hunter (half-elven ranger)
  • Adow (human mage)
  • Jessriel (human monk)
Everyone had been previously infected by the bone shards of the ancient black dragon known as the Black Scourge. These shards were slowly infecting the party with poisonous negative magical energy.

Once the party made it to shore, after about a week on the ship, they set up a small camp near the base of the mountain that seemed to match the description in the kender tale Marzena mentioned.

Under cover of darkness, Hunter and Theo sneak in to the cave entrance and saw it open to a huge chamber. Not feeling comfortable to go too far into the cavern, they returned to the party and told them what they found.

The next day, the entire party entered the cave. as they entered the main chamber, Theo feel through the huge illusionary floor. The fall was steep, about 60 feet, but the kender survived. Jes, with a safety rope attached, descended the cavern to it's actual floor. There, he and Theo noticed what looked to be a passage that had been covered by collapsed rock, rock that was then super heated to melted together to form one massive barrier.

Heading back up the rope to the rest of the party, Jes noticed another passage way. This one was about 15 feet from the floor and lead down a dark corridor in this underground lair. The monk was able to make his way to the entrance and scout a little distance ahead. Soon the rest of the party joined him in the passageway.

At one end, the hall gave way to a small natural cavern. The darkness was overwhelming, and the party was taken by surprise by the black inky flying shape that flew out at them. It wasn't the large bat some had thought, but an aberration known to some as the cloaker. The unearthly moaning from the creature was unsettling, but the party remained steadfast in there resolve to destroy the creature. Adow unleashed his potent magic missiles, while the ranger used his equally impressive bow skills. Theo and Jes added their skills to the attacks that final lead to the creatures death.

Near the other end of the hallway, they confront a door, with a cryptic inscription upon it. The verse turned out to be a riddle, which if solved would provide the means of opening the otherwise impenetrable door. Jes, a monk with a vow of poverty, knew right away that the one "thing" that was "wiser than the gods and worse than the devil" was simply "nothing". That lead the way for them to enter what turned out to be a very special prison chamber.

Inside the chamber holds a twisted half-man dragon creature. Not the draconians of recent renown, this poor creature had many of the features of the man he used to be, along with leathery wings and scales where flesh had been. The poor man, Darsov, as he had introduced himself, was a cleric of Gilean, who had kidnapped and forced to help the denizens of this mountain lair by translating ancient documents. One in particular, about the "heaven's opening up before gods near and far" seemed to be particularly intriguing to his captors, most of whom where humans, but a few that seemed to be minotaur in appearance.

The cult of the Black Scourge that inhabited this place subjected the cleric to horrific rituals intent on transforming him into enough of a dragon to be able to translate the oldest scrolls, those written in the lost language of the dragons. Unfortunately the spells and bindings also striped Darsov of most of his sanity, as the party soon learned. With great effort they were able to coax the broken cleric out of his prison/library and take him out of this mountain.

With the party back at their nearby base camp, they spent the night planning their next assault into the dragon mountain.