Oct 10, 2013

Those OTHER D&D Movies

There are a couple of movies coming out (hopefully) soon that look to be of interest to the gaming crowds. And no, I don't mean the Dungeons and Dragons movie that Hasbro is trying to put together at Universal once they deal with this lawsuit and that lawsuit. In case you haven't heard, they are...

  1. Zero Charisma - This movie is opening in limited release in THEATERS, actual theaters I tell you! It tells the tale of local popular DM (actually GM, they avoid D&D specific trademarks) who suddenly finds his sway over his gaming group challenged by the arrival of a new player to his group. This dark comedy looks like it will trod familiar geek tropes like living in the basement and lack of romantic relationships. We'll see if rises above the obvious to provide something interesting for movie goers.
         Zero Charisma opens in limited release in the US starting tomorrow (Friday Oct 11), and is already available as a VOD selection depending on your cable provider.
  2. Knights of Badassdom - Here's a strange one, not the movie's premise. The premise is about a group of LARPers who unknowing release a real evil on the world and try to deal with the consequences.
        No, what I find so strange is this--let's take a bunch of well-known actors from a variety of high profile projects, like Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Summer Glau (Firefly and Sarah Connor Chronicles), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Danny Pudi (Community), Steve Zahn, and Jimmi Simpson (Psyche), make a big genre movie about LARPers and real Demons, hold a big panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and then get so tangled up in legal issues that the movie's release gets pushed out more than 2 years after it was made.
         The latest information was that this film was to be released sometime in 2013, but as the months tick away, that's looking more and more unlikely. Ridiculous! No one makes money with this film while it sits on the shelf.
So I'll see you, at the movies, and save me the aisle seat (and any other movie review show taglines I can think of). Enjoy!

UPDATE: Some more movie reviews of Zero Charisma: