Oct 17, 2013

Game Session - Dragon Island (Part 2)

After leaving Darsov at the basecamp last session, the party returned to the mountain lair of the black dragon Scourge. At the end of one of the crude hallways, they found a secret passage that lead into another shifting hallway, this one ending in large cavern with a pool of still water taking up much of the room. In the center of the pool was a old chest that looked like it had been dragged through the Maelstrom to end up here in the room, sitting on a ledge just underneath the water line.

After Jes climbs into the water, which is up toward his shoulders. He starts making his way toward the submerged chest, but before he reaches the object, a hideous water naga rises to confront him.

Theo, in an attempt to protect the party on the shore, pours oil on the water and sets it on fire. Three other naga rise from the water depths of the lake, but none of them move to attack. The naga soon reveal that they are the protectors of the "greatest treasure of the Stone Hammer clan."

The party tries to ask the creatures some questions, but the naga provide no further information. As the fire spreads across the lake, Jes is forced to retreat back to dry land. The naga swirl around the submerged chest before diving under water for safety as pockets of flaming oil spread all around the lake's surface.

Unsure what to do next, the party leaves this room, planning to return after exploring the mountain further. They wander down one of the corridors to a four way intersection. Going down one of the pathways leads them to an open chamber. The hallway and the chamber smell of old rot and decay, and the room holds only one item. On a natural stone slab body parts of various humanoids are sewn together in some places or attached with dried mud in others. This simple flesh doll lies motionless in a crude mockery of life.

The party waits a moment to see if the creature has any semblance of life, but Adow, the mage, was quickly able to determine that this golem was too poorly made to be able to hold any magic enchantment. The party left the room, and headed down another one of the long winding passageways which lead to a different chamber.

This chamber held the scattered icons of Reorx, the god for who this chamber had originally been a shrine to. Now the god of the forge had been cast aside in favor of other power, of dark magics. Where once this room would have held the tools and symbols of the creator god, now it held jars filled with cloudy liquid, small lizard-like body parts in suspension. The floor was rechristened with a summoning circle that looked to be of recent design. What exact purpose it was for, Adow could not determine.

From down the hall the sounds of footsteps fell, seemingly growing closer. From inside the summoning chamber room, Hunter quickly closes the door to provide some cover. On the other side of the door hung a magical mirror, the property's of which caused duplicates of some of the party members to appear in the room. Soon, the magical clones of Hunter (the ranger), Theo (the kender) and Jes (the monk) began attacking their real counter parts.

Adow, who was also in the room, but far enough away to not affect the magic mirror tried aiding his companions, but the swirl of battle made it difficult to know who was the right version to attack. In short order, one of the Theo's lay dad on the floor as Jes and Adow worked to destroy the mirror. Soon it burst and the room was filled with a shower of silvered glass shards. Afterward, the clones of Hunter and Jes were gone and the party awaited whatever had been approaching the room from down the lone hallway.

The party waiting, staring at the door for someone or something to enter...