Mar 20, 2014

Communities, Caverns and Conventions

A couple of news bits recently in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

First off, the TV show Community is doing another D&D themed episode. Considering how well received their first episode was, this is probably required viewing, even if you're not tuning in to the show regularly. Check your local listings for air times.

The folks at Dwarven Forge, who's miniatures terrain is often considered the gold standard for 3D pre-painted terrain is doing another Kickstarter. Last year they ran one offering dungeon terrain in a new durable plastic they call Dwarvenite. This time around they are offering Caverns in the new material. They met their initial funding in under 30 minutes and are now on their way to exceed $2 mil, all of which is unlocking plenty of stretch goals and add-on packs.

If you are interested at all in using 3D terrain at your game, you definitely want to check out their Caverns KS.

Lastly, looking forward to GenCon, Baldman Games has posted some info on what they will be running as well as opened up the judge sign-up form for GenCon 2014.

This year they will be running a standard 3+ hr event as well as the 1hr fast play delves that they had in years past. Also, they mention, but give no real details, on a special event running only on Sat from 6-10pm.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Last year I ran a table of D&D at the con for the first time, and that I would be doing it again this year. If you enjoy playing D&D, consider giving back a little and running a game or a few delve sessions. They always seem to be in need of judges and you could be the difference between six people possibly having the time of their convention, or being turned away.