Mar 6, 2014

When Gangsta meets D&D

"Ice-T records D&D Audiobook"

When I first read this, I had to double check that I wasn't on The Onion. In fact I went to several different sources and even listened to the Ice-T podcast to confirm at least his claim of having recorded a D&D book for Audible.

In the podcast, he claims it was a short story, which actually sounds plausible. Various anthology collections (Steven King coming first to mind) will use different narrators for each story.

I tried to follow up with Audible Customer Service, but they had no details on what book or short story he recorded or when such a product might be available.

If this is true, and actually gets released, I look forward to hear it (I think).

File this in the Strange but True (for Now) category.

Update: 8/12/2014
Seems this story is true. Ice-T's contribution is part of a short story anthology (as I originally suspected) called the Legend of Drizzt. Here's a link to the audiobook on Audible.

Note for a short time, the book is free, so head over and download all the free stories. In addition to a story read by Ice-T, the collection also includes stories by Felicia Day, Dan Harmon, Greg Grunberg, Tom Felton, Danny Pudi, Sean Astin, Melissa Rauch, Wil Wheaton, Al Yankovic, Michael Chiklis, and David Duchovny.