May 15, 2014

GenCon and the Mysterious WotC Events

So, with GenCon Event Registration this Sun, I've been frantically pouring over the event catalog that was made available just last week, plotting out this event, and that seminar and while everything started out smoothly, I soon hit a snag.

It seems none of the WotC events (D&D or MTG) were on the event list. The reason for this, I won't even begin to speculate, but WotC did soon post event names and a brief description on their site. Looking over this list, you'll see many of the events don't have listed times. But have no fear, Baldman Games, the company that actually runs the D&D events at GenCon (and a few other cons) posted info about when events will be running. Check out this forum post for more details.

Not the best solution, but at least I was able to know when the events would be running to plot other events around those.

Hopefully the events will go live before Sunday, so I can get my Wish List in order!