May 8, 2014

GenCon Event List available Tomorrow!

If you're not on the GenCon mailing list, you may have missed this recent press release.

Item number two on the list states that the Event Listing will be available starting Friday at 9pm ET. The event registration is still Sun May 18th (starting at noon).

Having access to the catalog now just helps everyone plan out what they want to do, and when they want to do it. I know it can take me hours to pour over everything, build a master list of events and then try to distill it down into something manageable over the four days.

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And if you have some time in your schedule, you may want to check out SEM1459558, a seminar I'm running about using Lego-like products into your game.

If you've checked out any of my lego-themed posts, you'll have some idea what to expect.